Gadite Tax Services is one of the fastest growing tax firms within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Gadite Tax Services has Certified Tax Advisor's that understand each client's unique circumstance or position, specializing in tax credits and deductions that can maximize your refund.

Tax Preparation

Our Tax Advisors are determined to find every credit and deduction available.

Payroll and Bookkeeping

Gadite is up to date on compliance rules and issues regarding Payroll and Specialize in Budgeting and Reconciliation while actively Balancing your Books.

Audit Protection

If contacted by the IRS for personal audit inquiries, you will be fully represented by Gadite Tax Services.

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Since 2006, Gadite Tax Services has been providing top notch service to the people in and outside of our community. Our goal is to provide our Clients with the best possible Tax experience available. With over 10 years of reliable service, we know what it takes to make our clients happy.

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Gadite Tax Services is one of the fastest growing Tax Firms in the North Arlington Area. Gadite has Certified Tax Advisor's that understand each Clients unique circumstance or position, Specializing in Tax Credits and Deductions that can Maximize Your Refund.

Gadite Tax Services thrive on customer satisfaction, through being knowledgeable in our work and the way it is conveyed to the Taxpayer along with a passionate quality of work that is efficient to the client needs and concerns. In this economic crisis you should be knowledgeable of the Tax Credits and Deductions that may be available to you.

It is all about you and how we can benefit You. We can offer better service than your current provider. Thank you for your interest in the Gadite Tax Services.


Products and Services

We offer the industries Premium IRS approved products to go along with our exceptional service.

Tax Preparation

Gadite Tax Advisors are determined and dedicated to making sure they find every credit and deductions available to you.

Drop Off Service

No time to wait; take advantage of the drop off service to have your taxes prepared while you continue on with your day.


Payment Option

No upfront Fee with Refund Transfer (RT), otherwise pay with cash, check, or debit card at the time of Tax Preparation. S.B.

Audit Service

Our Audit Services provides peace of mind for each client. The IRS reduced there staffing and increased automated audits (now over 5 million annually) this action made anyone susceptible to receiving an inquiry or audit from the IRS.

Identity Theft

17.6 Million US Residents experienced an Identity Theft incident in 2014 representing 1 out of every 14 adults. Learn how our protection services can protect you from being victimize.

Tax Debt Relief

For clients who have prior year and current tax year Tax Liabilities have options available to reduce the debt owed.

ITIN Service

Gadite offers ITIN applications and tax preparation for pending filing years.

Refund Options

Clients can receive there refunds on a Green dot Visa Card or have funds Direct Deposited into desired bank account, Refund Transfer (RT), and NOW OFFERING CASH ADVANCE OPTIONS UP TO $2,500.


Payroll and Bookkeeping

Gadite is up to date on compliance rules and issues regarding Payroll also Specializing in Budgeting and Reconciliation while actively Balancing your Books.

3,035 Hours
867 Client’s
150 Award’s
150 Drink’s


Our Tax Advisor's are consistently working with the IRS to ensure that your taxes are prepared with the most accurate information and products. We are also highly trained in Accounting and bookkeeping.


Guarantee Maximum Tax Refund- Gadite guarantee‘s the maximum tax refund allowed for your tax situation or your preparation fee is free.

Guarantee Quality of Service- Gadite guarantees 100% satisfaction, if we make any errors on your tax return we will pay penalties and interest if you are audited.


We are highly trained Tax Advisor's that Specialize in finding every Tax Credit and Deduction you are entitled to.

Each Client is served with more than a decade of experience with over 400 training hours annually, offering full representation before the IRS. (Circular 230* authorized and completion of representing individuals with Tax Problems)


Give us a call at 1-817-689-8245, so that we can discuss our service options and find the best option for your needs. We offer a number of different products and services that have been approved by the IRS and other respected Tax Agencies.